Social Anxiety Treatment and cure using ketamine infusion therapy in Columbus, Ohio

Why Ketamine Infusions Really Work on Anxiety

Social Anxiety Disorder Ketamine Treatment for Columbus



Approximately one-third to one-half of patients with generalized Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) do not experience adequate clinical benefit from current evidence-based treatment for SAD. This includes treatment with conventional approaches such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) or venlafaxine and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Failure of anxiety relief in patients with SAD is a source of substantial morbidity, distress, and decreases in quality of life.


Feelings of shyness or discomfort in certain situations aren’t necessarily signs of social anxiety disorder, particularly in children. Comfort levels in social situations vary, depending on the individual’s personality traits and life experiences. Some people are naturally reserved and others are more outgoing. In contrast to everyday nervousness, social anxiety disorder includes fear, anxiety and avoidance that interferes with your daily routine, work, school or other activities.


In multiple controlled clinical studies, ketamine has produced a rapid antidepressant effect in unipolar and bipolar depression. Ketamine’s anti-depressant effects peak 1-3 days following infusion and is observed long after ketamine has been metabolized. As a result the current clinical treatment models show the best results with six (6) infusions over a three week period of time.  Followed by "maintenance infusions" as needed by the patient.

The results of several clinical studies also suggest that patients with major depressive disorder given a single ketamine infusion have shown strong and significant reductions in comorbid anxiety symptoms. A trial including 11 depressed patients demonstrated a significant reduction in anxiety symptoms (Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HAM-A)) following ketamine infusion. This improvement is supported by one of the earlier placebo-controlled trials of ketamine which demonstrated that the psychic anxiety item was one of 4 (out of 21) items on the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HAM-D) demonstrating significant improvement after ketamine infusion.

With such evidence showing the immediate impact a low dose IV infusion of ketamine can have, it is now an available treatment option for many patients having already tried traditional methods of anxiety medications and counseling.  Simply put, up to 70% of ketamine infusion patients no longer live in fear. 

70% of SAD patients find a Happier You with Low Dose Ketamine Infusions---why not you

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